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Kancho Matsui LA Training

Wednesday, July 16 was a memorable day for IKO Los Angeles Kyokushinkaikan, Manhattan Beach Branch. Power Karate as it was host to a very special seminar conducted by President of IKO Kyokushinkaikan, Kancho Shokei Matsui. Traveling all the way from Honbu dojo in Tokyo, Japan to train with Kyokushinkaikan students from all over the Los Angeles area, Kancho shared his insights and wisdom for over two hours on this special occasion.   Close to 80 students of all levels and ages came together at the MBK dojo to train and learn from Kancho Matsui. 

The seminar began with a traditional kihon where Kancho took time to explain and detail many of the basic movements that make up Kyokushin.  As the evening progressed, Kancho shared stories of fighters and fighting techniques that were both effective and sometimes creatively unexpected.  After kihon and ido geko, students were invited by belt level to practice various fighting techniques ending in a contest for the kids involving concentration and balance.   For many, training with Kancho was a once in a lifetime opportunity to learn and feel renewed passion for the Kyokushin life!  OSU!


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